16 Immune System-Boosting Recipes

Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to a strong immune system!
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March 13, 2024
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Want to keep your immune system in tip-top shape? It’s important to eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and veggies. And with these immune system-boosting recipes, you’ll be able to do just that!

These recipes are not only delicious but they’re also packed with antioxidants which help to protect our cells from damage. So not only will you be boosting your immune system, but you’ll also be doing something great for your health!

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The 16 Best Immune System-Boosting Recipes

Let’s check out these immune system-boosting recipes now!

Immunity-Boosting Teriyaki Buddha Bowl

Image of immunity-boosting teriyaki buddha bowl
The Foodie Physician

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy meal, look no further than the immunity-boosting teriyaki buddha bowl. This dish is packed with flavor and nutrients that will help keep your immune system strong.

The teriyaki sauce is made with soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar, and garlic, and it is packed with antioxidants that can help fight off infection. The vegetables in the bowl are also loaded with vitamins and minerals that will help boost your immune system.

Some of the best vegetables to include are broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and red peppers. You can also add some cooked chicken or shrimp to the bowl for an extra protein boost.

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Rainbow Veggie Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Image of rainbow veggie bowl with lemon tahini dressing

Rainbow Veggie Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing is a delicious and healthy vegan dish that is perfect for any occasion. The rainbow veggie bowl is made up of a variety of colorful vegetables, such as red pepper, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower, which are all cooked to perfection.

The dish is then topped with a delicious and creamy lemon tahini dressing. If you are looking for a tasty and healthy vegan dish to enjoy, be sure to give Rainbow Veggie Bowl with Lemon Tahini Dressing a try.

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Sunshine Salad

Image of sunshine salad
Simply Stacie

Sunshine Salad is a delicious and healthy salad that can be enjoyed all year long. The name of this salad comes from the fact that it is packed with fresh, vitamin-rich ingredients that will make you feel sunny inside and out.

Sunshine Salad is made with crunchy romaine lettuce, juicy grapefruit, sweet oranges, and plump raisins. The dressing for this salad is simple but flavorful, consisting of olive oil, honey, Dijon mustard, and salt and pepper to taste.

This salad is perfect for a light lunch or dinner or as a side dish at your next barbecue.

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Spicy Cabbage Detox Soup

Close-up of spicy cabbage detox soup
This Savory Vegan

Spicy Cabbage Detox Soup is a nutrient-rich and delicious soup that is perfect for detoxing your body. The soup is made with cabbage, onion, garlic, and jalapeño pepper and is spiced with cumin and chili powder.

The soup is high in fiber and antioxidants and is a great source of vitamins C and K. It is also low in calories and carbs, making it the perfect choice for a healthy detox soup.

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Carrot Apple Juice

Image of carrot apple juice
Canva Photos

Carrot apple juice is a delicious and healthful beverage that can be enjoyed any time of day. The juice is made by blending carrots and apples together, and the flavor is a perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Carrot apple juice is high in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants, which make it a great choice for boosting your immune system.

The juice is also low in calories and fat, making it a healthy option for those looking to lose weight or maintain their current weight.

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Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad

Close-up of roasted sweet potato quinoa salad
Daily Harvest Express

Roasted Sweet Potato Quinoa Salad is a delicious and healthy salad that is perfect for a light lunch or dinner. The salad is made with roasted sweet potatoes, quinoa, arugula, and a simple vinaigrette dressing.

The roasted sweet potatoes are perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, while the quinoa is fluffy and slightly nutty. The arugula adds a nice peppery flavor and freshness to the salad.

The vinaigrette dressing is easy to make and pairs well with the sweetness of the roasted sweet potatoes. This salad is a great way to get some protein and fiber into your diet.

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Lacto-Fermented Garlic

Image of lacto-fermented garlic
The Spruce Eats

Lacto-fermented garlic is created when fresh garlic cloves are submerged in a brine (salt water) solution and left to ferment. The lactobacilli bacteria present in the garlic cloves convert the sugars in the cloves into lactic acid.

This lactic acid fermentation process creates a shelf-stable product with a long shelf life. Lacto-fermented garlic has a sour, acidic taste and is often used as a condiment or flavoring agent in sauces, dressings, and marinades.

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Orange Turmeric Booster Shot

Image of Orange Turmeric Booster Shot
Posh Journal

The Orange Turmeric Booster Shot is a drink that is made to improve your health. It contains orange juice, turmeric, and ginger. These ingredients all have health benefits that can help improve your overall health.

The shot can help boost your immune system, improve digestion, and reduce inflammation. It is also a great way to get more vitamins and minerals into your diet.

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Ginger Turmeric Lemon Tea

Image of ginger turmeric lemon tea
Adobe Stock

Ginger Turmeric Lemon Tea is a drink that is made with fresh ginger, turmeric, and lemon. It is known for its health benefits and many people enjoy drinking it for its flavor and health benefits.

Some of the health benefits of Ginger Turmeric Lemon Tea include improved digestion, reduced inflammation, reduced pain, and improved overall mood.

The tea can be enjoyed either hot or cold, depending on your preference, and it is a great way to start your day or help you relax in the evening.

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Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Close-up of homemade chicken noodle soup
Belly Full

There are variations of chicken noodle soup, but the most common is made with broth, noodles, vegetables, and chicken. The dish is often homemade but can also be store-bought.

It is considered comfort food and is often eaten when someone is feeling ill. Chicken noodle soup has many health benefits, such as being high in protein and containing vitamins A and B6.

It can help to boost the immune system and soothe a sore throat.

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Easy Beet Smoothie

Image of easy beet smoothie
Canva Photos

Easy Beet Smoothie is a drink that is made with beet, yogurt, honey, and ice. Beets are root vegetable that is rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Yogurt is a source of protein and calcium.

Honey is a natural sweetener. Ice helps to cool the drink down and makes it more refreshing. This smoothie can be enjoyed for breakfast or as a snack.

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Cherry Berry Smoothie

Image of cherry berry smoothie
Adobe Stock

This smoothie is a delicious blend of cherries and berries. It’s perfect for a quick snack or a light breakfast. The cherry Berry smoothie is packed with antioxidants, which can help improve your overall health.

It’s also low in calories, making it a good choice if you’re trying to lose weight.

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Citrus Avocado Salad

Image of citrus avocado salad
Real + Vibrant

Citrus avocado salad is a salad that combines the flavors of citrus fruits and avocados. It is a healthy and refreshing salad that is perfect for a summer meal. The salad can be made with any type of citrus fruit, but oranges and grapefruits are popular choices.

The avocados add a creamy texture and flavor to the salad. The salad can be served on its own or as part of a larger meal.

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Homemade Cold Tonic

Image of homemade cold tonic
Healthy Taste Of Life

There are many recipes for Homemade Cold Tonics, but all of them share a few common ingredients. Most importantly, they all include garlic and ginger. Other ingredients might include horseradish, hot pepper sauce, lemon juice, and honey.

The idea behind the tonic is that it boosts the immune system and helps fight off infection. It can be taken as a preventative measure or used to help speed up recovery from a cold or the flu.

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Vegan Buddha Bowl

Image of vegan buddha bowl
Canva Photos

A vegan Buddha bowl is a healthy, filling, and tasty meal that can be customized to fit any dietary need or preference. The dish typically consists of cooked grains, such as rice or quinoa, and is topped with vegetables, beans, and a sauce.

The vegetables and beans can be chosen to fit any taste or dietary need, making the vegan Buddha bowl a versatile meal.

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Spicy Southwest Salad

Close-up of spicy southwest salad
Jar of Lemons

This Spicy Southwest Salad is perfect for lunch or dinner. It is a healthy and filling meal that will leave you feeling satisfied. The salad is made with romaine lettuce, roasted corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, and cheddar cheese.

The dressing is a tasty mix of ranch dressing and salsa. You can make the salad as spicy as you want by adding more salsa to the dressing.

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