17 Best Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

Keep cool and keep hydrated this summer with these non-alcoholic drinks.
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November 1, 2022
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Summertime is a great time to relax and enjoy some drinks with friends, but if you're not drinking alcohol, it can be hard to find good drinks that everyone will enjoy.

A lot of people think that non-alcoholic drinks are automatically boring or lame, but that's just not the case. There are a ton of great options out there for summer drinks that don't involve alcohol.

We've put together a list of our favorite non-alcoholic summer drinks for you to try. From fruity cocktails to refreshing smoothies, we've got you covered.


The 17 Best Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

Beat the heat this summer with these delicious non-alcoholic drinks!

Whether you’re looking for something to cool you down or something to keep you hydrated, we’ve got the perfect drink for you. These drinks are made with only the finest ingredients and are sure to quench your thirst.

With so many flavors to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect drink to satisfy your taste buds. From fruity drinks to refreshing iced teas, we have something for everyone.

Without further ado, let's check out what they are!

17. Virgin Piña Coladas (Non-Alcoholic)

virgin pina colada
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Virgin Piña Colada is a delicious drink made from fresh fruit and creamy coconut milk. This refreshing beverage gets its name from the piña, or pineapple, which forms the main ingredient of the drink, as well as the colada, which refers to the sweet cocktails often found in tropical bars around the world.

Whether you are relaxing on a tropical beach or simply enjoying a warm summer evening at home, Virgin Piña Colada is always a crowd-pleasing choice for quenching your thirst.

With its sweet and slightly tangy flavor, this legendary drink is perfect for any time of day. So why not indulge in a chilled glass of Virgin Piña Colada today? You won't regret it!

16. Oreo Milkshake

oreo milkshake
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Oreo Milkshake is a type of shake or smoothie that is made with Oreos. It is usually made by blending Oreos with milk and ice cream, but other variations also exist.

The shake can be enjoyed either with a spoon or with a straw, and it can also be topped with whipped cream and additional Oreos. Although the recipe varies depending on who makes it, the key ingredients are always Oreos and milk.


15. Kombucha

non-alcoholic kombucha
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Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been around for centuries. It is made by adding sugar and bacteria to black or green tea, then allowing it to ferment. The result is a slightly effervescent beverage with a sour, vinegar-like taste.

Kombucha is said to have many health benefits, including improving digestion, boosting energy levels, and aiding in weight loss. It is also thought to be beneficial for the liver and immune system.

14. Dole Whip Lemonade

dole whip lemonade

Dole Whip Lemonade is a delicious drink that combines two favorite summertime treats - lemonade and Dole Whip. Dole Whip is a soft-serve ice cream made from fresh pineapple juice, and it's a popular item at Disney parks.

The combination of pineapple and lemon makes for a refreshing, tangy drink that's perfect for a hot day. You can make your own Dole Whip Lemonade at home by using frozen pineapple chunks, lemon juice, sugar, water, and ice cubes.

13. Orange Creamsicle Cocktail

orange creamsicle cocktail
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An Orange Creamsicle Cocktail is a refreshing drink that combines the flavors of orange and vanilla. It can be made by blending orange juice, cream, and ice cream or by combining Triple Sec and orange juice.

This drink is perfect for summertime parties or gatherings with friends.


12. Arnold Palmer Drink

arnold palmer drink
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Arnold Palmer Drink is a refreshing beverage that combines iced tea and lemonade. It was created by the legendary golfer Arnold Palmer and has become popular among people of all ages.

There are many variations of the recipe, but the basic ingredients are always tea and lemonade. Some people like to add sugar or honey to their drink, while others prefer it unsweetened.

The drink is also a great way to cool down on a hot day, and it's also healthy for you. The tea provides antioxidants, and lemonade helps to detoxify your body. Plus, it's delicious!

If you've never tried the Arnold Palmer Drink before, be sure to give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

11. Strawberry Milkshake

strawberry milkshake
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A Strawberry Milkshake is a beverage that consists of milk, ice cream, and strawberries. It can be served with or without whipped cream on top. Strawberries are a popular flavor of milkshake, but other flavors include chocolate, vanilla, and coffee.

Milkshakes can be made at home using a blender or they can be purchased at a fast-food restaurant or ice cream shop. They are usually served in a tall glass with a straw. Milkshakes are sweet and creamy, and they are a popular treat for kids and adults alike.

10. Blackberry Virgin Mojito

blackberry virgin mojito
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If you're looking for a new, refreshing summer drink to enjoy, look no further than the Blackberry Virgin Mojito. This drink is made with blackberry vodka, lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves, and it's perfect for sipping on a hot day.

If you're looking to make this drink at home, all you need is some blackberry vodka, lime juice, sugar, and mint leaves.

Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice, then shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice. You can also garnish your drink with fresh blackberries or mint leaves if desired.


9. Frozen Hot Chocolate

frozen hot chocolate
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Frozen hot chocolate is a type of mixed drink that is made from chocolate milk, ice cream, and chocolate syrup. It is typically served in a tall glass with whipped cream on top.

Frozen hot chocolate can be made by blending all of the ingredients together in a blender or by using an immersion blender to create a thicker texture.

8. Dalgona Coffee

dalgona coffee
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Dalgona coffee is a unique South Korean coffee drink that is made from brown sugar and roasted corn. It has a thick, syrupy consistency and a sweet, nutty taste. Dalgona coffee is often served hot or cold and can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Some people also add ice cream or whipped cream to their dalgona coffee for extra sweetness and creaminess.

7. Whipped Strawberry Milk

whipped strawberry milk
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Whipped Strawberry Milk is a drink that is made from milk, strawberries, sugar, and vanilla extract. It can be served cold or hot. The milk is whipped with an electric mixer until it forms stiff peaks.

Fresh strawberries are then pureed and added to the whipped milk. Sugar and vanilla extract are also added to taste.


6. Shirley Temple Drink

shirley temple drink
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Shirley Temples are a non-alcoholic drink made with ginger ale and grenadine syrup. They were created in the 1930s by bartender Templeton Crockett. The name was given to the drink in honor of then-child star Shirley Temple.

Shirley Temples are often served in a glass with a pink or red straw.

5. Raspberry Yogurt Smoothie

raspberry yogurt smoothie
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A Raspberry Yogurt Smoothie is a delicious and healthy drink that you can make at home. It is made with yogurt, raspberries, and ice. You can use any type of yogurt you like, but we recommend using vanilla yogurt to add flavor.

Raspberries are a great fruit to use in smoothies because they are sweet and tart, and they add a lot of color and flavor. Some people like to add ice to the smoothies because it makes them cold and refreshing.

If you want a thicker smoothie, you can add more yogurt. If you want a thinner smoothie, you can add more water or milk.

4. Strawberry Lemonade

strawberry lemonade
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There's nothing quite like the refreshing taste of strawberry lemonade on a hot day. This drink is made by combining lemon juice, sugar, and water together with chopped strawberries. Some people like to add a little bit of vodka or gin for an extra kick.

Strawberry lemonade is a popular drink at summer barbecues and picnics. It can also be enjoyed as a refreshing beverage any time of year.


3. Easy Iced Tea

easy iced tea
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Easy iced tea is a refreshing drink that can be enjoyed all year long. It is perfect for warm summer days and nights or for those cold winter months. There are many different ways to make easy iced tea, so everyone can find a recipe that they love.

One of the best things about easy iced tea is that it can be made with any type of tea. Black, green, white, or oolong teas all work well. The only thing you need to do is adjust the strength of the tea depending on how sweet or strong you want the final drink to be.

Another great thing about easy iced tea is that it can be made with or without sugar. If you want a sweeter drink, simply add more sugar to the recipe. If you prefer a less sweet beverage, use less sugar or leave it out altogether.

2. Watermelon Limeade

watermelon limeade
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Watermelon Limeade is a refreshing drink made with watermelon, lime juice, sugar, and sparkling water. It's perfect for a hot summer day! The sweetness of the watermelon pairs perfectly with the tartness of the lime juice.

You can make it as sweet or sour as you like by adjusting the sugar and lime juice ratios.

1. Peach Lemonade

peach lemonade
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Peach Lemonade is a delicious and refreshing drink that can be enjoyed all year long. This drink is made by combining lemonade with peach-flavored syrup, and it can be served cold or frozen.

Peach Lemonade is a popular choice for summertime drinks, but it can also be enjoyed during the winter months.


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