InfoMasta is a general lifestyle resource blog – where you will find information about inspirations, how-tos, rare discoveries from internet users, festivals, and events around the world.


InfoMasta was founded by Tengku Adam, who is an ex-Shopify eCommerce seller. He has sold many products to thousands of customers throughout his long online business career since 2018.

Shopify website before (closed):

In Shopify eCommerce, Adam has a lot of experience running an online business over the years, including advertising on Facebook and Google Ads.

Currently - he is fully committed to running the blog, working to build the InfoMasta brand into a global social media appearance.


Since the beginning of this InfoMasta journey, we’ve worked with several experienced editors to write what they love and know, such as tips on health, beauty, style, and more.

We want to make the Infomasta blog a platform to share to visitors and readers how to solve the problems of their daily lives, get inspiration from interesting stories that can gain from reading this blog article!

We decided to share successful experiences and knowledge for our family and other relatives and help others start their daily lifestyle journey with ease.

InfoMasta is a small business entity with few employees, editors, and managers now, but we hope to grow our company to provide better services to InfoMasta readers soon.